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Capital Insurance Agency of Raleigh, LLC

About us

We specialize in risk management solutions. We give free consultations and analysis to examine where you have exposure to risk.

We are here to help you succeed at all areas of life. If you need help understanding your insurance policy we are here to explain it to you. If you have a claim, and need assistance with getting started we walk you through the process. No matter how big, how small, or how unusual your situation is we stand ready to help you succeed.

We have been in business since March 2013. With our many years of experience in the industry we can find a solution for all your insurance needs. We have many happy satisfied customers.



Our Mission

Helping individuals, families, and business owners find affordable and high quality auto insurance, homeowners insurance, commercial insurance, and life insurance with the top rated insurance carriers in the insurance industry.  We educate our clients on how insurance works, and how insurance can work for them.  We get to know you, and provide a comprehensive needs analysis for you, your family, and business.  

Capital Insurance Agency of Raleigh, LLC is the best property, casualty, and life insurance agency in Raleigh, NC. We have excellent customer service. We show our clients how insurance is used to transfer the risk of everyday life into an event that is covered by insurance. You may ask yourself, "what risk?"  An example of a risk is anytime you get in your automobile to go anywhere their is a risk that someone or something can hit you or you hit them. Perhaps you are a business owner of a lawn care company, and an employee is cutting a customer's lawn, and a rock flies from underneath the lawnmower and breaks your kitchen window. Now, the lawn care company's commercial general liability pays the claim to repair your window. Any potential for an accident is considered a risk.  Insurance covers you when you have an emergency, and provide answers and solutions when trouble arises.  

The bottom line is, "Success is here to stay; we help you succeed at life, work, your business, and while you play".

Let’s work together! Drop us an email to get started! Call us at 984-239-5522 or Stop by for a visit 4104 Atlantic Avenue, Suite # 142, Raleigh, NC. 

We work hard for you in and out of crisis.  Capital Insurance Agency of Raleigh, LLC sells different types of insurance, see the list below. We sell insurance to our clients to help them safe guard their precious cargo which is family and life, protect their belongings like cars, homes, and personal possessions, and secure their assets at their business to be able to leave a legacy for those who come after them.  We also make sure that you are covered when things go wrong.  Claims are paid quickly and easily.  We are your silent partner. 

Types of Insurance we sell:

  • Auto Insurance and Car Insurance
  • Homeowners insurance and renters insurance
  • Personal umbrella insurance
  • Commercial Insurance  and business insurance
  • Commercial general liability insurance
  • Workers comp Insurance
  • Trucker insurance / big rigs / tractor trailers / dump trucks / etc.
  • Business auto insurance / garage insurance
  • Term life insurance with return of premium (Get all your money back you paid into the policy)
  • Whole life insurance that pays dividends (Get paid while you still live)
  • Mortgage insurance

We have other services you may find helpful such as...



Success is here to stay! We help you succeed at life, work, at your business and while you play!



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